God’s Advice 3/15/2015

Hello Guys and Gals! If you are weak in any way proclaim boldly, ” I am strong.” If you are hurt in anyway proclaim boldly, “I am healed.” If you are broke in financial deficiency proclaim ” I am prosperous.” It’s time for us as Christians to speak life into out situations instead of beating a dead horse with the same life sucking words, you can make it through any hardship if you will only use your mouth as a sword the way Jesus does with the word of God. The Just lives by faith start now! What are you going through are you disappointing with the way things are happening in your life or someone else ‘s life….SPEAK LIFE!

‘Let the weak say, ‘I am strong’ ‘ (Joel 3:10). And more, ‘Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go’ (Joshua 1:9).


Shortcuts, cuts of the flesh.

Hey guys! Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:1-7 That what we do in secret or in other words what we do before God’s eyes only, works of justice; those acts will be rewarded openly by God.

What you do to be seen by people for attention or to be seen a certain way by people… God’s knows your heart and those acts will only be rewarded by man and not God because God is after pure works and acts of justice, not ones stained by your fleshly desire to be recognized or seen as pure or unique.

Always check your heart for your motives, sometime we do so many good things and we look like a saint to people who see our lives but God Is not moved or impressed because we’re like Pharisees, appearing clean and godly outwardly but inwardly saturated with hypocrisies… not cool. <—– all your efforts are wasted… man doesn’t care for very long anyway…The only sustainable glance in this life and the next is God’s glance, His eyes and His attention. I myself am not perfect but one thing I don’t doubt are my motives because God examines my soul and I am sensitive to His correction and that is why I am not a man pleaser… you can’t understand one born of the spirit… “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” Get your heart clean before God.”  John 3:8

Amen, with peace


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Buried Alive – The beginning of real life and true Love

Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.-  Matthew 10 :39

Life has a way of breaking down a fighter, sapping strength from the strong man and silencing a warrior.

-1 Corinthians 1:29

Do you know how any tree grows?  To produce the tree the seed that is planted  has to first die before the growth process can begin -John 12:24. If the seed didn’t die it would remain single but if the seed does die it is able to produce many seeds. Life is full of sacrifice whether you like it or not! There comes a lot of things you have to do that you don’t want to do, people you don’t want to let go of, places you have to leave; but if you don’t make those necessary decisions for yourself they are eventually made for you and it hurts even worse than if you had let go voluntarily  in the first place….It’s all a humbling process, a breaking down.. but the strong, the wise, the ones who have found God [psalm 1] <—-the people who are planted will die to only grow stronger, wiser and more blessed than they could ever dream up for themselves.

Do you remember the story where two women brought an infant before King Solomon both claiming to be the mother? King Solomon had God given wisdom to find out who truly was the mother of the baby. He said okay I will cut the baby in half for both of you and the real mother cried, “No! Let her have him!” King Solomon then knew who the real mother was… the one who was willing to crucify her heart to save the life of her baby… That day she was granted her baby back…  because of a sacrifice… Sometimes the only way to show Love is to let go. It hurts, but you would rather see that person happy and full of life than miserable or lifeless in your arms… In this case if she didn’t trust God her baby’s life would’ve been taken.

I’m telling you right now God knows what is best for us despite our will and our deepest longings and He really cares for us!… Just like the mother; you may have to let go of what belongs to you that has been stolen from you in the first place and when God sees that you have finally developed the strength enough to trust Him and let it go… He will give it back to you in His timing! Just like the test on Abraham. God wanted to see if Abraham would sacrifice his precious son, the one he has waited decades for… like come one you think you have it bad? And I’m like Lord… give the man a break! But it just shows you how valuable our faith is to God. We are  tested and tried, pressed on every side and you feel like you just CAN’T take another breath…. but God is developing that muscle within you because in the end that’s all you have is who you’ve become as a person…not things… nor “people” just you and God….who you’ve become as a person, the faith you have and most importantly the Love you’ve developed willing to lay it all down like Jesus.

or maybe your story is more like Ruth’s. Once you make that decision to lay your options in life down To help pick up the pieces of someone else’s broken life you will find a much better future because of that sacrifice.

God knows your heart…He knows my heart and He is fully aware and sensitive to our desires but He is after the greatest love story with man, with YOU! He is looking for that someone who will bury their preconceived ideas of success and how their life is supposed to look to follow His heart and His leading even to a foreign place where your only choice is to depend on Him….that is attractive to God {psalm 45:10-11}

It will be painful at first but you will have the last laugh! psalm 126:5 So let it go, give it to God, give Him what you feel you just have to have control over because He wont relent until He has your soul. He Loves you but he knows you care to much about the things that won’t fulfill you and it hurts to see you that way so He challenges you and you get disillusioned but it’s only to bring to a place where the only thing you are holding onto is eternal, Love, real Love.

That is a beautiful fragrance, your heart….

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With Love,


A Real Adult

Hey guys! one night recently a bright light bulb went off in my head and I just realized that I’m an adult Haha! Yah so I can’t help but constantly remember what I thought a real adult was when I was a little girl:) I’m just going to write a list of what I always thought would make me an adult when I was younger 😀 I know it’s random but here it goes.


– Someone who drinks very dark coffee [ the more creamer the more immature]

– Someone who lived a boring life and never threw a big tantrum about it

-Someone who does things they don’t want to do because they have to

-Someone who goes through a lot of crap but stays calm

-Someone could make little kids serve them food at family gatherings

-Someone who always talks about how their checks not enough but yet they manage

-Someone who can handle high levels of boredom and being alone just by eating

Ok I know it’s a pity party but that’s what I always thought a real adult was like…no wonder I’m such a kid but I do like my coffee dark now cuz I’m a boss with a lot on ma mind!

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My Journey to Humility- Redifining Success

Hey Guys so I was thinking and living.. I don’t know, anyways something I’ve noticed in my own life and maybe you’ll be able to relate yourself. First of all I’ve had this idea in my mind of how I would find my identity, where I would fit in and belong… where I could find myself and make a name; and as I grow up I see that my plans are always frustrated and I’m not where I thought I would be in my life at 20 1/2 years old I’m almost 21 and If you asked the six year old me where I would be at 21 I would say I would be famous and rich traveling the world but I’m so not famous, and I’m not rich and it feels like I’ve disappointed my childhood dreams but that’s life and that is disillusionment. The beauty in it all of it is that I can control the way I respond to my life. I could blame somebody and say because my mom never signed me up to be on Barney and friends that’s why I’m not famous right now or I could look at myself in the mirror and say this right her, right now is my life, it’s my portion and if I want something more it’s up to me to make those changes… more would be nice but that is NOT the point I’m getting at… I’ve realized that I’m going in circles without a full surrender to the Lord’s leadership over my life. This is about redefining my idea of success… we are in a critical condition right now, the American church because we’ve been sold a lie that SUCCESS means a MEGA church, a MEGA congregation, a superfine wife / husband, waking on the pool pit with double the anointing and triple the stiletto price$$ riding around in  THE most expensive cars, having the best homes in the neighborhood and all that. There is nothing wrong with THINGS, I LOVE THINGS but there becomes a problem when we place material wealth on the throne with God! Can you feel the tension rising?

James 4:1-6 [ What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you? You desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God. When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.

You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? ]Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God. Or do you think Scripture says without reason that he jealously longs for the spirit he has caused to dwell in us? But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says:

“God opposes the proud
    but shows favor to the humble.”[

There’s way too much pride going on [Galatians 5:9]

If you’ve made yourself a friend of the world you’ve made yourself enemies with God.

My definition of success is being radically redefined right now because God is doing a work in me and He cannot truly bless me without this kind of wisdom… not safely anyways. Humility and Love this is the meaning of true success!! Jesus is our greatest example of this, He came here to earth and made himself NO reputation; now that’s a LIGHT yoke to carry I’ll take it.

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Growing in the Wilderness, Alisson’s Life

Hey Guys, So the other day my friend Alice was telling me that she is in a hard season in her life where she does not feel any direction from God she feels ‘stuck’ and like it’s taking so much effort to move forward from all the negativity from the past and I told her you know what Alice, you are not the only one going through that right now [1 peter 5:8] We are all humans on this earth with more troubles than victories [John 16:33]…it’s all about the mind set. To truly move forward with your life you have to honestly in your heart forgive ex friends, ex boyfriends…etc. It’s not about them so such as it is about your own healing and ability to move on with your life without regrets and bitterness I would hate to have my life, growth and happiness stunted because I let the stench of bitterness overshadow my thoughts, my feelings and ultimately the decisions I make…Like yuck and no way! She had a lot of people gossiping about her, people she trusted just to find out they were not really for her and she told me it was revealed to her that she has a problem with completely bowing up on people when they step on her toes in the smallest way and she wanted to change that because it shows her wounds and that’s just humiliating. I say congratulations for being someone who can face your demons and be willing to grow beyond your mistakes all you can do is live the best way you know how at the moment and I told her just focus on your self and keeping an honest heart, you’re almost out of the wilderness… [Psalm 24:3-5]

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Behind my song of Healing

Hey Guys! So the lyrics of this song is soul healing the blood of Jesus to wash us clean, and the resurrection power God used to raise Jesus from the dead. Both are essential for the Healing of the soul.

Jesus not only died on the cross but he rose from the dead and in this son I wanted t minister to the souls of man with what Jesus did for us. I’m making a decree over your soul!

Here’s the Link to the song: http://youtu.be/PURVRzx6Nmc

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